Spotlight: Mannequin Radio

By Taj Minter Naughton

Guitarist: Ruby Beck Photographer: Lu

Tell us about your Band and how it came about?  2 days in my room during lockdown and I managed to come up with a name describing what I wanted to do. 

How would one describe your band? Like a Rooster Cooing at dawn. Everyone in the band are great musicians and people I look up to in many different ways, there’s Gabe who plays drums, Niamh who plays bass, and Milo who plays Synth and Guitar.  

So with your new song, what is it about? It is about rejection in all forms, especially when that rejection comes from within you, how do you deal with it?  

With the recording of the single, how was that process like? It was great! Milo recorded us, and captured our live performance of the song really well, he’s very patient and good at making sure everyone feels comfortable which is  important when you’re recording. I then took the recording to a good friend Nick Griffith, and he’s done an epic job of mixing it too! 

Do you think writing the song or being in the recording room is more challenging? I think both have their challenges, writing requires a certain self discipline to finish what you started. Following that, maintaining the essence of a song once you take it into a band setting whilst also remaining open to other peoples ideas is difficult but really helps push the songs forward. When you’re recording the focus is on getting a take you’re happy to be the one that solidifies that songs place in history which can be a little scary but also exciting. Im always up for a challenge though its a good way to grow. 

Where will we get to be able to hear this live?  On our tour!

 It’s not fully locked in yet, but I’m aiming for 5 dates in late September: Wollongong, Newcastle, and 3 in Melbourne. 

What is it like playing in Sydney? Its great! I’ve met so many lovely people who are really supportive of us. I am excited to start branching out further too though.  

What do you think the pros and cons of the music scene in Sydney are? Pro’s: There are a lot of great musicians, bookers, and venues that are trying to really foster an interesting creative environment. 

Cons: Like any industry, there are so many problems, the biggest to me is that the contribution the live music industry has on the economy is it’s largely undervalued in aus. But that’s old news.

And what do you think needs to change about it? Everyone seems to be obsessed with wanting more money from the government, which sure we need that too, but it seems to be a dead end. I feel like what would truely excite me, I’d like a venue like CBGB’s.